The principle of mass production that has characterized the Industrial Age has outlived its usefulness – as its rigid system of organization subjugates people and their needs. Today’s digitized, globalized world, however, is marked by an ever-growing desire for personal growth and authenticity. People increasingly crave liberty – but they also long for security and lasting values.
bulthaup’s vision is to turn the kitchen into a place where people can experience all of this. The time has come for a new sensuality. The bulthaup b3 system turns people into directors who determine their kitchen’s scenography. It can be adapted to individual needs and wants and can grow organically in line with changing imperatives. The kitchen becomes a place with many meanings: a place of communication, a place to find peace and quiet, a place where we can feel at ease and at home. It creates a space for ideas and change, for lasting enjoyment and a new type of kitchen culture.

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Marc O. Eckert,
CEO bulthaup

April 17 — 22 2012,
via Durini 17,
20122 Milan